We work with the best. Together, we produce results.

We established Line Above to challenge today's digital era standards. Always seeking perfection, we strive to set our clients apart from the ordinary, positioning them a line above the competition. In the era of digital highways, we ensure our clients lead the race without speeding off-track.


About us

To be the best, you have to believe you're the best. We believe clients are not just companies but individuals with a unique purpose. We listen to who you are and what you do. We understand your goals and share your vision to excel. We create memorable user experiences that fully engage your clients, so they believe in you, too.

An international team of acclaimed professionals based in London Docklands, we're an eclectic mix of great minds — in digital design, information architecture, motion design and interior design — who will ensure the bottom line of your business is drawn above your competition.

KRISZTIAN NAGYCreative Director / Digital Designer

Kris is a bold director-designer who’s not afraid to return to the roots of any issue to forge a creative, paradigm-shifting solution including the latest trends in tech. Prepare for the unexpected. 
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KAMIL JURAUser Experience Director

A close observer and listener, Kamil is dedicated to your customers’ satisfaction, achieved through User Experience design that is customised to align with the goals of your audience.
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KEVIN WOOArt Director / Animation Designer

Giving life to anything still, Kevin is a true creator. Adding a continuous heartbeat to any project, Kevin will take it to the next level — to help you stand above the competition.
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Full of ideas, with a fantastic sense of space and colour, Dawid will easily transform any room into a Magical land with a capital M — and, thereby, extend your brand into the physical realm.
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ALFIE DALEVideo Director

Storytelling is at the heart of Alfie’s work, largely due to his background in theatre and acting, and his ability to craft a strong narrative around pretty much any project.
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Camille’s passion for fine art photography and her great eye for creating compelling images are, together, opening up a whole new world for her in commercial photography.
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A video editing wizard with immense passion, Florian is a lifelong learner with wide-ranging experience in short films, commercial and music video production.
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COULD THIS BE YOU?If so, get in touch!

We're always looking out for talented creatives to join the Line Above team. Check out our latest openings via the careers page.
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