Alfie Dale
Video Director / Editor





Storytelling is at the heart of Alfie’s work, largely due to his background in theatre and acting, and his ability to craft a strong narrative around pretty much any project.

He’s experienced in big, small and in-between-sized productions and budgets — from working as a one-man show operating a DSLR, to directing a 30-person crew, shooting on one of Hollywood's favourite cameras, the Alexa.

Alfie’s career in film started as a student, when he was nominated for a Royal Television Society award. He has since ventured into feature film script development, with one script successfully making it onto the Brit List, the UK’s list of best screenplays yet to be produced. His latest work as Director is a 30-minute period drama about the Romani community in the 1920s. This is currently in edit ahead of festival submission.

As a self-shooter, Alfie has worked for a wide range of clients such as the NHS, Payleven and Eposability. His video work has taken him far and wide, including having spent much time filming marketing documentaries, and shooting in rural Uganda.

Alfie was appointed in 2014 as Head of Film at LRTT, a global teacher-training social enterprise, which trains aspiring young filmmakers in making marketing documentaries.