Camille Marie Bieber





Camille Marie Bieber is a digital and analog photographer living in East London.

Born in France in 1989, Camille got into photography at a young age, culminating in her going to photography school in Lyon. After graduating in 2010, she headed to Paris.

In the French capital she worked in fashion studio photography and photographic journalism, as well as shooting portfolios for actors and creating artwork for musicians.

Two years later, Camille left Paris to return to Lyon, where her work slowly took a turn into fine art photography. She put away her digital camera to take up analog photography, and got an agent. Camille has curated several exhibitions, including the “24 Hours Project” and “Hallucination Collective”. And she had her first solo exhibition in February 2015: “Chimeras” + “A Birthday Abroad”. Her work has also been published in numerous high-profile webzines, such as Madmoizelle,  Shooting Films, and Whattaroll.

In July 2015, Camille moved to London, and her personal passion and professional work has been focused, most recently, on interior design and architectural photography.