Florian Dassler
Video Editor





Born in Leipzig, Germany in 1987, Florian Dassler is a video editor and filmmaker. He comes from a background in theatre and short-film production which led to his being offered a place at the Northern Film School in Leeds (UK). At film school, he spent three years writing and directing his own films as well as working on award winners such as  Border Patrol (Student Academy Award, 2014) and producing the New Look clothing commercial (Winner, Kodak Award Best Brief, 2013).

While Florian’s passion for filmmaking led him to make his own films, both as part of, and outside, the course, he also discovered his talent for video editing. He’s since turned his editing passion into a profession. Florian’s experience includes editing dramas, commercials, music videos and promotions. His strength lies in shaping virtually any project into a film with a bold, seamless narrative.