Kamil Dorian Jura
Experience Design Director





Kamil Dorian Jura was born in 1991, in the small historic town of Olesno, Poland. His first digital adventures began when he was 7 years old, when his father bought the family’s first PC. When Kamil was 9, his father set up their first dial-up internet connection. It was then that Kamil created his first (very ugly, basic HTML) site. At 12 years of age, he was designing in early versions of Adobe Photoshop, and three years later was doing so commercially, with management help from his father. Kamil, thereby, earned the money to buy his very own computer — and they weren’t cheap at the time!

After coming of age, Kamil moved from his hometown to Wroclaw, a major city in Poland, where he continued earning his living as a freelancer for three years. In 2012 he decided to move to the UK, living, at first, in a shared flat in London with bunch of other people and his girlfriend, while working at a waste disposal company — for two weeks, that is! He then received an offer to apply his design skills on behalf of a local startup.

A few months thereafter, Kamil received another offer by way of a referral from his then-current boss. Having worked there for nearly two years, on internal sales systems for a large holding enterprise, when his contract ended he decided to go back on his own, and co-founded Line Above with Kris, who had also been working for the same company.

Although accepted, Kamil chose not to go to university. He prefers learning through close observation, reasoning and firsthand experience. He’s a great listener who likes to consider different perspectives. He’s also extremely patient and calm — inspired by Stoic philosophy and mindfulness meditation. All this, combined, makes problem-solving and idea-scouting Kamil’s natural habitat, within which he thrives.

Outside of his work, Kamil is a cyclist, traveller and avid book reader. He’s got his bucket list full of places he wants to visit, and there’s scarcely a destination he wouldn’t like to see. He travelled Europe and intends to pay a visit, soon, to Asia and Australia.