Kevin Woo
Art Director / Animation Designer





If Kevin Woo were a fruit, he says he’d be a banana. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Born in Hong Kong, he was educated in the UK from the age of 14. As a boarding student, Kevin was often told off by the warden, “Stop working on art!”. Truth is, he did spend most of his homework time drawing, drawing, drawing. But being a top art student — alongside his studies in business and maths — Kevin was able to grab a few unconditional offers for university. Given his love of drawing, he went on to study Graphic Art (Advertising) at University of Southampton.

Graduated in 2009, Kevin went on to intern with publishing companies, including the Financial Times. He also freelanced for Financial Place magazine, working on editorial and graphic design. His first full-time design job was at a “small but mighty” consulting agency. Because of the agency’s might, Kevin was able to work with lots of big brands such as eBay, Vodafone and Radisson. He continued to hone his craft with this agency, and gradually transitioned to a motion graphic designer. 

In early 2016, Kevin met Kris and Kamil. Upon seeing one another’s portfolios, the trio realized that their respective areas of expertise and experience were beautifully complementary — and Line Above, the perfect match, was born!

Kevin appreciates simple, functional design. He’s always exploring, researching, and learning new tricks of the trade. He’s also a keen cook and likes to stack his food up high and, then, photograph his culinary creations. And he loves splashing his hard-earned cash on well-crafted, precisely engineered and designed products.