Your project determines our approach. We tap into our wide-ranging expertise to tailor a unique, project-by-project process to fit the specifics of your requirements.

Feel free to choose from one or more of our below services:



From graphic design and illustrations, to building a full-blown website, Line Above's creative minds will transform your — and our — ideas into digital reality.

This is where customer engagement meets entertainment. And we're pros at blending both to work together seamlessly. Interactive design includes everything from user experience (UX) to customised animation to bring your project to life.

From platforms and websites to product description videos, Line Above’s interactive designs are as limitless as your imagination!



Magically move your customers to engage on a whole new level, with Line Above CGI, 3D, motion graphic and interface animations.

Charm and character emerge from lovingly crafted details, with subtle touches of animation that bring the memorable to living colour.

From the simplest concept to the most complex creations, we'll swoon over every colour, shape and movement. Be it 3D, character-led or app-related motion — or full-scale productions — our animations will touch hearts and urge your customers to take action!



We’ll forge lasting impressions for your business by way of extensive research and strategy — from simple logos to full-on branding that shapes your audience’s perception.

A brand represents a feeling, a message, an experience. We'll tailor every detail for you, according to your specific needs — from logos and photography to copywriting and brand guidelines.

Through research and creative exploration, we’ll build a memorable brand that you'll be proud of and that will secure you a winning spot over the competition.


User Experience

With our expertise and experience in carrying out user research and deploying a vast array of tools and technologies, we'll optimise your conversion rates by offering experiences that your customers will talk about!

Real experience engineering translates as seamless, nearly transparent yet elegant design that naturally guides your audience’s next steps.

We gather and analyze data, explore information architecture possibilities, see through your audience’s eyes, and carefully plan and strategise as a means to deliver on all of your business goals by way of a user interface built to last.

We tap into the power of emotions and the natural habits of people, to your benefit, and unite the latest motion and virtual reality technologies into an effective whole.



Take the distribution of your marketing message to a whole new level via professionally produced video. Our award-winning video directors create stunning videos — from marketing documentaries to short- and full-length films, and everything in between.

We’re both pre- and post-production pros, handling everything for you, from concept development and scriptwriting to editing, VFX and animation. We can take charge, or simply assist, in productions of any type or scale.

Line Above stands ready, today, to create seamlessly told stories and beautiful video productions that will sweep your audience off their feet.

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